Pet Travel Process

Minimum requirements

6-month or older dogs should have rabies and Bordetella vaccine shots. Puppies should be at least 8 weeks old and have both Bordetella and Parvo vaccine shots.

Prices are settled with the clients and then the detail of schedules and route is shared with them so that they can choose a suitable pickup and delivery date.


The pickup details will be shared with the driver. Pets will be provided with their own specialized crate during the journey. If pets need special food and medications, these must be provided by the pet owner. Pets must be bathed before their pickup.


During the whole trip, we remain in touch with the pet owner. We can send videos or pictures at your request. Pets are walked one by one at potty and exercise breaks. We plan breaks after every 3-4 hours depending on the conditions of weather and stopping point. Our vehicles include emergency kits to deal with any medical emergency. We can also take pets to a nearby vet if proper medical care is required. We give priority to pets’ safety and health so you can trust us.


At drop-off, we can take a short video as evidence of a safe delivery at pet owners request.

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