Here are a few relevant questions and answers from our previous customers that may assist you initially. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to call us: 704-618-3582

1. Which pet transport services do you provide?

We deal in a broad range of pet transport services. We offer domestic travel within the continental United States, including parts of Canada. Our key services include pet relocation, pet travel, and ground travel.

2. How do you carry out a pet relocation?

It’s easy. Simply request a quote by clicking here and we will reply with specific details and requirements.

3. Is airline travel safe for pets?

Airline travel for pets can be absolutely safe if your pet is healthy and you have selected the right airline and correct crate for their travel. Our company has been practicing pet shipping for 5 years with an exemplary record.

4. Do you accompany pets during travel?

While traveling, our driver stays with pets at all times. All pets are kept separated in special cargo crates in our fully temperature controlled vehicle designed for their maximum comfort.

5. How much time does it take to perform a pet ground transport?

The time duration of pet ground transport depends on the distance covered. Majority of the transports take 2-5 days. Other factors like traffic and road conditions may also affect the traveling duration.

6. Is ground travel safe for pets?

For a healthy pet, ground travel is considered a safe ride. Our drivers are highly trained and experienced and they ensure pets’ comfort and safety. For added comfort, we can also provide water and food to pets during ground travel at your request.

7. What is a pet ride sharing option?

The popularity of pet ground transport has increased to a great extent due to strict airline regulations. Sometimes, two or more clients want to transport their pets to the same place and our company can transport them all in the same vehicle. The pet ride sharing option helps in reducing the total costs and thus clients will be paying less fees.

8. What are the fees you charge for pet transport?

We charge fees in two parts. First, clients have to pay fees for ground transport consultation which is $200 for military personnel and $250 for civilians. Secondly, they have to pay transport fees which depends on the total distance covered.

9. What vehicles do you use?

We provide ground transportation in air-conditioned/heated minivans, cargo vans, or SUVs, depending on your pet’s traveling. These vehicles are owned by our drivers who take good care for their maintenance to ensure pets’ safety and comfort.

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